How to Use Snapchat Plus Planets to Travel the Universe

Snapchat Plus Planets

Snapchat is taking social media to new heights – or should we say new planets – with the launch of Snapchat Plus. This upgraded version of Snapchat aims to make the app even more fun and engaging by taking inspiration from our cosmic neighbors. Let’s explore how Snapchat Plus could incorporate themes and features inspired by planets in our solar system.

What is Snapchat Plus?

For those unfamiliar, Snapchat Plus is a subscription service that unlocks exclusive features not available on the regular version of Snapchat. Users pay a monthly fee to gain access to perks like pinning a friend as a “#1 Best Friend”, seeing your orbit (who’s viewing your stories), and location-based geofilters everywhere.

Snapchat Plus is still in early stages, providing basic upgrades so far. But there’s ample opportunity for Snapchat to expand the offering in unique ways.

Overview of Planets in Our Solar System

Our solar system consists of the Sun and eight revolving planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each planet has distinct characteristics, from the scorching surface of Mercury to the gaseous exterior of Neptune.

The planets’ varying properties could inspire creative new lenses, filters, and effects within Snapchat Plus. There’s also potential for Snapchat to partner with space organizations to develop informative and interactive Snapchat content about space exploration.

Connecting Snapchat Plus Features with Planets

With limitless possibilities, Snapchat can tailor planet-themed Snapchat Plus features to match the traits of each celestial body. For example, a Mercury-inspired speedy reply feature for fast-paced messaging. Or Uranus could influence a quirky shake-to-undo filter, nodding to Uranus orbiting on its side.

Integrating planetary themes in this way would make Snapchat Plus more engaging, educational, and just plain fun. Let’s look at some potential planet perks!

Planet Inspired Snapchat Plus Features

Snapchat can take users on an intergalactic adventure by designing Snapchat Plus features based on our planets. Here are some ideas inspired by the unique characteristics of each planet:

Mercury – Speedy Replies

Zippy Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, could inspire a Snapchat Plus feature called Speedy Replies. It would allow swift messaging capabilities like one-tap quick-reply buttons or text shortcuts for fast communication.

Venus – Beautify Filter Pack

Named after the Roman goddess of beauty, planet Venus could influence beautifying filters for Snapchat Plus. An unlockable Venus Filter Pack could include effects like Blemish Bye-Bye, Flawless Face Tune, and Rosy Cheeks.

Earth – Geofilters Everywhere

Planet Earth is characterized by its various landscapes, climates, and locations. For Snapchat Plus, an Earth-inspired Geofilters Everywhere feature would give users access to location-based geofilters across the world. Display your location no matter where you’re Snapping from!

Mars – Snapports Space Travel

The red planet Mars is synonymous with space travel and exploration. A Snapchat Plus Snapports feature would let users add digital portals to their Snaps, transporting themselves and friends to imaginative Mars landscapes and outer space scenes.

Jupiter – Zodiac Lenses

As the largest planet, Jupiter has a grand presence. Snapchat Plus could harness this energy in Jupiter-inspired Zodiac Lenses. After entering your birthdate, you’d unlock special lenses featuring your zodiac constellation and traits.

Saturn – Time Machine Memories

With its iconic rings, Saturn inspires nostalgia and timelessness. For Planet Saturn Snaps, Snapchat Plus would let you revisit Memories in a Time Machine, resurfacing old Snaps from specific time periods or past birthdays.

Uranus – Shake to Undo Filter

Quirky Uranus spins on its side at an almost 90-degree tilt. Similarly, a fun Uranus-inspired Snapchat Plus filter could let users undo or redo filters by simply shaking their phone left or right.

Neptune – Underwater World Lenses

Gaseous planet Neptune appears deep blue, reminiscent of the ocean. Snapchat Plus could have Underwater World Lenses transporting you to Neptune’s sea with effects like Shimmering Waters and Swimming with Sharks. Dive into an immersive underwater Snap experience!

Potential Impact of Planetary Themed Features

While themed lenses and filters may seem like just for fun, expanding Snapchat Plus with space themes could have positive impacts:

Increased Engagement for Users

Planetary perks would resonate with Snapchat’s youthful users, keeping the app fresh and engaging. Space is universally fascinating, so youths would likely use Snapchat more with sci-fi inspired effects.

Unique Marketing Angles for Snapchat

A planet approach would also give Snapchat new marketing angles for Snapchat Plus. Space themes are intriguing and universal, offering promotional opportunities across demographics.

New Opportunities for Brand Partnerships

Additionally, Snapchat could partner with space organizations, planetariums, NASA, and brands like SpaceX to develop informative space-themed lenses and geofilters. These partnerships would support STEM education initiatives too.

Implementing Space Themes Responsibly

While cosmic inspiration offers many positive opportunities, Snapchat must also implement planetary themes ethically and responsibly by:

Avoiding Misinformation

Any space-related filters should be accurate and not spread misinformation about astronomy. Snapchat could work with experts to fact check their space features.

Accessibility Considerations

When designing filters based on color or vision, ensure they are still engaging for users with visual impairments. Create alternative audio versions describing the space scenes.

Respecting Astronomy Discoveries

Features like new planets or lifeforms should avoid speculation aligned with space conspiracy theories. Be thoughtful when depicting any real astronomical discoveries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Snapchat Plus presents opportunities to expand features based on planets’ characteristics.
  • Each planet, like speedy Mercury or faraway Neptune, can inspire specialized lenses and filters.
  • Space themes could boost user engagement, support marketing, and lead to new brand partnerships.
  • Any astronomy-related features must be accessible, accurate, and responsible.
  • Overall, planetary themes offer a captivating new direction for the Snapchat Plus enhanced experience

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In conclusion, linking Snapchat Plus features with planets in our solar system would tap into the innate human fascination with space. Unique planet-based lenses, geofilters, and effects would increase engagement, provide new marketing potential, and inspire future STEM education partnerships. Most importantly, Snapchat must implement any space themes ethically, ensuring accessibility and accuracy. Planetary perks for Snapchat Plus would be an engaging new frontier!


What is Snapchat Plus?

Snapchat Plus is a paid subscription service that unlocks exclusive features not available on regular Snapchat, like pinning a #1 Best Friend, location-based geofilters, and more.

How could planets inspire Snapchat Plus features?

Planets have unique traits that could influence specialized Snapchat Plus features. For example, Jupiter could lead to Zodiac lenses based on astrology, or Uranus could inspire a fun shake-to-undo filter.

Would space themes increase Snapchat engagement?

Most likely yes! Space is universally fascinating, especially for younger generations. Creative planet-based effects would help keep Snapchat exciting and engaging for users.

How can Snapchat implement space themes responsibly?

Snapchat should partner with experts to ensure astronomy accuracy, make space lenses accessible to all users, and avoid aligning with space conspiracy theories or misinformation.

What are the key takeaways about planetary themes?

Main ideas are that planets could inspire fresh specialized features; boost user engagement, marketing, and partnerships; and present new opportunities for Snapchat Plus. But space themes must be ethical, accessible, and science-based.

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